Magnetic stripes are on the majority of cards that we use on a daily basis. Comprised of a thin layer of ferrous oxide applied to the surface of a card. These applications are primarily  available in two configurations: High Coercivity(HICO) or Low Coercivity (Loco).

Coercivity is measured in Oersteds. The Oersted refer to the amount of power needed to push through a magnetic head reader.

A HI-CO mag stripe typically carries an oersted rating of 2750 Oe, some can offer a rating of up to 4000 Oe,While LoCo mag carries 300 Oe and MedCo carries 650 Oe. Financial Institutions typically opt for HICO-industry standard. Hotels typically use a low-coercivity stripe. Magnetic stripes are available in multiple sizes, th most popular being 1/2″ wide containing three-track, and a 5/16″ wide containing two tracks. Protec is a proud supplier of a variety  of different magnetic tape manufactures offering a variety of different colors, size and Oe ratings.

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